First, just who is Lord Nicholas Windsor (pictured above with wife Paola), the Duke of Kent’s son? Before I get to the excellent op ed he has written, I think it will help Americans to know his pedigree.

The bio from his First Things op ed, December 1:

Lord Nicholas Windsor studied theology at Oxford University and is patron of the Right to Life Charitable Trust and the Catholic National Library. Great-grandson of King George V of the United Kingdom, Windsor is the first blood member of the British royal family to be received into the Catholic Church since King Charles II on his deathbed in 1685.

And from The Telegraph, today:

Lord Nicholas, 40… lost his place in the line of succession when he became a Roman Catholic….

In 2006, Lord Nicholas, whose father, the Duke of Kent, is a cousin of the Queen, became the first member of the Royal family to marry in the Vatican since the Reformation. His wife, Paola, gave birth to their 1st child, Albert, in 2007, and the couple had a 2nd son, Leopold, last year.

Now on to the story, again quoting The Telegraph:

Lord Nicholas… has written a controversial article in which he claims that abortion is a bigger threat to Europe than al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism.

He describes abortion as “the single most grievous moral deficit in contemporary life” and calls for a “new abolitionism for Europe” in which abortion, like the slave trade, can be abolished.

Be sure to read Lord Windsor’s insightful piece. In it he calls abortion “a mortal wound in Europe’s heart, in the center of Hellenic and Judeo-Christian culture.” And he calls for modern-day abortion abolitionists:

Having so recklessly carried this poison out of the 20th – the ugliest of all centuries – let us, for the sake of all that has been good and beautiful and true about the culture of the West, be clear that there is an urgent moral priority here. Call it a “New Abolitionism for Europe” – the word abolitionism emphasizing the continuity between the challenge faced now with the generational campaigns waged so clear-sightedly in late-19th-century America to rid itself of the injustice of slavery. The abolitionists, I believe, exemplify the courage and imagination required, even if they do not provide perfect templates for what we face now.

It is interesting that American pro-lifers look to English abolitionist William Wilberforce for inspiration. It was about Wilberforce’s fight to end the British slave trade that the acclaimed 2006 film Amazing Grace was made. Here’s the trailer, to bring encouragement to today’s abortion abolitionists…

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