Yesterday Politico ran a story, entitled, “Poll: Sarah Palin not trustworthy on abortion,” a factoid it reiterated even before getting to the story with its photo caption…

But the more accurate title would have been, “Poll commissioned by United States’ largest abortion provider and conducted by Democrat poll company: Sarah Palin not trustworthy on abortion.” Ok, that’s a little long, but it would have prepared the reader for the obvious upcoming spin:

The survey, conducted for Planned Parenthood by Democratic pollster Hart Research Associates, found that just 24% of registered voters choose Sarah Palin as trustworthy on women’s health issues, versus 54% who consider PP trustworthy.

I can’t believe this was even reported as news.  I tweeted PP CEO Cecile Richards, “Let c the ?s, %Dems/GOP.”

Of course Richards never answers me on Twitter, but I was making a point. The way poll questions are framed and the demographics of respondents are the 2 critical points in establishing credibility of results. And I can find neither on this poll anywhere.

Politico reported, “The poll reached 802 voters split evenly across party lines,” but where is the evidence? How were respondents asked about their party affiliation? How many identified themselves as pro-life vs pro-abortion? How many women were polled vs men?

And Politico only reported 1 question verbatim, “Whom do you trust more to represent your views on women’s health issues?,” which was the only question released in Hart’s report….

Even the Daily Kos admitted, “Considering that Planned Parenthood commissioned the poll, it must be taken with a grain of salt… that said, it’s a pretty funny grain of salt.” I agree.

I wondered how many other news outlets would carry PP’s propaganda, and only 1 did, to my knowledge – surprise,  MSNBC.

The questions for PP are: If Sarah Palin is so outside the mainstream on abortion, why continue to obsess about her? If your poll results are true, why not keep them quiet and hope Palin sinks the entire Republican Party by running for president in 2012?

The reality is everyday people like the Palins. Unfunny and vulgar comedienne Kathy Griffin recently discovered this when attempting to mock Bristol during a show before the US Marines. As reported on Fox yesterday, they booed her…

Why do Americans like the Palins? Because they identify with them, which scares the pants off liberals. As Timothy Dalrymple wrote at Patheos yesterday:

The loving and loathing, at least for most, have little to do with her past or her policies. They have to do with her persona. For the populist Right, Sarah Palin is a personification of all that is still good about America: rugged individualism and bootstrapping success, toughness and pluck, firm devotion to Christian family values, a commitment to the cause of life, and the kind of folk wisdom that cannot be gained through graduate degrees but is packaged in common sense and reinforced through the experience of a hardscrabble life….

For the cultural elitists on the Left, Palin lacks everything they pride themselves on possessing, possesses everything they pride themselves on scorning, and stands for everything they pride themselves on opposing. She lacks cosmopolitan tastes and elite university credentials, a well-worn passport and fluency in foreign tongues, a blueblood vocabulary and literary speech patterns, not to mention a fashionable address and a vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard. She possesses a beauty-queen title and the wrong kind of good looks, a large brood of lily-white children with outdoorsy names like Track and Piper, a commoner’s cadence and a steady supply of you-betcha folksy phrases, and a background in conservative white evangelical and even Pentecostal churches. And she stands for the defense of the unborn, for heterosexual marriage, for premarital abstinence, for the extraction of our natural resources, for small government and second amendment rights, for conservative Judeo-Christian traditions and for American exceptionalism.

Exactly, corroborated liberal Richard Cohen at WashPo yesterday:

The spectacular interest in Palin comes not, as you might imagine, from her fans on the political right….. [It] comes from the left…. Again, why?…

Two reasons. The first is that the left is sincerely mystified by Palin. It finds it hard to understand how someone so clearly clueless about so much could possibly be considered a presidential candidate. The left, you see, has long thought that there ought to be some connection between intelligence or learning and the right to govern. This helps explain its infatuation with Barack Obama, who, along with his wife, is accredited by no less than four Ivy League institutions….

The second reason is much more ominous. The left just doesn’t get America. I say this as a fellow-traveler of liberalism and as one who recognizes that many liberals fear the heartland. They see it as a dark place of primitive religions and too many guns. For such a person, Palin is the perfect personification of the unknown and feared Ugly American who will emerge from the heartland to seize Washington, turning off all the lights and casting America into darkness. The left does not merely disagree with the right; it fears it.

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