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    Kisha Jones, 40, faces up to four years in jail for trying to forcibly abort the fetus of Monique Hunter, who was having an affair with Jones’ husband Anthony in 2009, her defense attorney Barry Turner said.

    Jones telephoned Hunter pretending to be calling from her doctor’s office and told the woman she needed to take a pill called Cytotec. Jones faked a prescription and sent it to a local pharmacy, the attorney said.

    Hunter took the pill, which induced early labor but did not trigger an abortion, he said.

    The baby was born prematurely but is in good health, he said.

  • A MD legislator has introduced a bill to prevent interstate abortions after learning of Stephen Brigham’s New Jersey to Maryland abortion caravan.
  • Just a reminder on how the US is a trendsetter for the rest of the world: Norway is considering removing rules which prevent women from getting abortions between 12-16 weeks unless they apply to a tribunal for permission.
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