First, Planned Parenthood denied any wrong-doing whatsoever after it revealed an alleged sex trafficker had shown up at the door of several of its abortion mills across the country requesting services for 14-yr-old and illegal sex slaves.

PP CEO Cecile Richards went further by claiming she had marched straight to the door of the highest law enforcement official in the land to rat on the pimp.

After Live Action released its 1st investigative video, PP said the egregious response of the “waist up” staffer was an isolated event.

Now, as each additional  video further proves PPs across the country are sex trafficking havens,  the  New York Times reported February 7 PP says it will “retrain” its staff nationwide. The relevant quotes:

They said employees had long been trained to obey local reporting laws as well as to use common sense when confronted with evidence of the abuse of minors.

The new round of training, they said, will not involve a change in policy but a reminder about those laws. Consistent with the law, clinics in most states will continue to provide confidential treatment and contraception to girls as young as 14 without parental consent.

But it is unreasonable, federation officials said, to expect those interviewing a new patient – and who are required by law to offer confidentiality – to take action on the spot.

“We are not asking the front-line health worker or receptionist to do a legal analysis of the situation, but rather to report it when there is any hint of a risk to the welfare of a minor,” Mr. Schear said.

Not so fast. As a Live Action rep wondered, what constitutes “any hint of a risk to the welfare of a minor” in the eyes of PP? PP claims its staff has “long been trained” to “use “common sense,” but anyone really believe that anymore? Krystal from the Bronx said her clinic sees “girls as young as 13.” In what situation does the sexual activity of a 13-yr-old not constitute a “hint of a risk to [her] welfare”?

My testimony before the FDA in 2003 against over-the-counter access to the morning-after pill was specifically on the point of minor sex abuse. At that time I submitted PP’s own words showing it knows before adolescent girls come in the door they are likely sex abuse victims. Here are 2 powerpoint slides I presented 8 years ago (click to enlarge):

In fact, PP should be reporting the name of every adolescent girl who comes to one of its clinics for “reproductive healthcare.” The mere fact they are requesting abortions, STD testing or treatments, and/or contraception is a sign they are likely victims of sexual abuse, according to PP’s own research.

At any rate, what kind of organization hires employees who have to be repeatedly trained and retrained to show concern when presented with unambiguous evidence that children are being raped and prostituted?

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