Planned Parenthood issued an entirely inadequate statement yesterday in response to Live Action’s release of a 2nd video exposing PP as a sanctuary for sex traffickers and an obstacle for sex slaves in desperate need of help.

The statement merely demonstrated endemic corruption at PP’s highest levels of a willingness to aid and abet sex traffickers. From PP’s presser:

In this morning’s publicized tape, the Planned Parenthood staff member reacted professionally to a highly unusual person posing as a patient. After the encounter, the staff member immediately notified her supervisor, who subsequently notified members of PP’s national security team, who are working with the FBI, which is investigating these visits.

No. First, it’s easy but unprovable to claim the staff member caught on tape “immediately notified her supervisor.” Does it ring true that she would advise a sex trafficker on how to keep his girls in tip top shape for unimpeded forced prostitution, let him walk out the door – and then tell her boss?

And I’d sure like to know the timing of PP’s contacts to the FBI. PP CEO Cecile Richards’ initial statement to the press last week made clear it was only when PP put the pieces together that a sex trafficker was pitching the same story to PPs all over the country that it contacted the FBI, quoting the Associated Press:

Last week… Richards wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder summarizing the visits and requesting an FBI investigation.

At any rate, here should have been the correct response, as Lila Rose wrote:

“It is utterly disgusting that Planned Parenthood’s response to this is that their employee reacted ‘professionally,’” said… Rose.  “The only acceptable response to encountering a self-identified sex-trafficker of underage girls is zero tolerance.  The only ‘professional’ response is to immediately call law enforcement to the scene and push for an arrest. Our investigation – and  their response – continues to show that an institutional crisis has engulfed the highest levels of PP. If you’re a sex-trafficker of minors or young women, you have a partner in PP. But if you are a minor or a young woman, you are not safe at PP clinics.”

[Graphic via Say Hello to my Little Friend]

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