In a February 17 interview with Virginia’s NBC12, I doubt President Barack Obama expected to be asked about Planned Parenthood.

I, myself, was pleasantly surprised the question of Live Action’s investigative videos came up. But it only goes to show what a big deal they’ve become – reaching all the way to the President of the United States.

On the other hand, Obama really shouldn’t be surprised and should only expect more where this came from. After all, he and PP are well known political bed partners.

But that ppromance may well be on the rocks as PP becomes more and more radioactive. See what I mean…

The question:

There’s as debate raging over a conservative group that went into PP with a video camera and taped what appeared to be PP workers turning a blind eye to sex trafficking. Republicans in Washington have now turned this into a call for you and for other leaders to strip PP of funding from the federal government. Do you think this video should be a reason to look at PP’s funding? Do you think it was a setup? How would you react to it?

The 1st bit of news to glean from Obama’s response is he was fully aware of the scandal.

Obama tried to minimize the sex trafficking sting as “manufactured” and only getting attention on the “blogosphere,” both claims of which are patently false. His own Dept. of Justice is now involved, after all, and the videos were repeatedly cited in GOP House testimony last week about an amendment to defund PP – which passed.

But Obama did nothing to reassure PP beyond that. In fact, he only distanced himself from the sex trafficking sanctuary.

Obama 1st noted that any “specific problem… should be addressed.” Slap.

But his most intriguing statement was, “I think that Planned Parenthood in the past has done good work.”

If Obama were still fully behind PP he would have said, “I think that Planned Parenthood does good work.”

But he didn’t.

Obama proceeded to tic off what he considered real problems, none of which had anything to do with PP and some of which were even contrary to PP’s mission of killing every child it can get paid to kill: “How well our kids do in the future… educating… research and development, science and technology….”

Then came the pièce de résistance: “Are we dealing with our budget in a serious way and reducing spending?”

Wouldn’t that be making the GOP’s case to defund PP?

[HT for video production: Andy Moore]

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