UPDATE, 9:50a: Word from a congressional source is the continuing resolution (2011 budget for remaining 7 months) will not be released until tomorrow. At this point the measure to cut Title X funding altogether is just a strong rumor. Need to see it in writing.

9:45a: We already knew about Congressman Mike Pence’s bill, the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act (HR 217), which would cut off Title X funding to organizations that commit abortion, the most obvious being Planned Parenthood.

But yesterday afternoon The Hill announced another Republican proposal that would eliminate Title X funding from this year’s budget altogether:

In a new Republican effort to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, a new spending proposal announced Wednesday would strip away all Title X family planning funds for low-income individuals.

The 7-month continuing resolution offered by House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) would remove all $327 million from the Title X program as the GOP pushes a bill that would block such funding to PP and other groups that offer abortion services….

Title X funds cannot be used for abortion, but the House GOP is trying to choke off funding to groups that provide them as part of their “Pledge to America” promise to eliminate federal funding of abortion….

Republicans in recent weeks have been stepping up their attacks on PP. They are seizing on new videos that claim to show PP workers giving advice on how to obtain abortions for underage girls and circumvent sex crime laws. PP said the undercover tapes were highly edited, but the group fired an employee that appeared in one of the videos….

Richards sent out an “urgent” email alert yesterday, complaining on one hand about Republican attempts to defund her sex trafficking sanctuary and complaining on the other hand that Republicans were welching on their promise to address the economic crisis.

Someone needs to tell her cutting the federal budget is addressing the economy.  As it turns out, being pro-life is good fiscal policy. Click to enlarge…

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