Sorry I’ve been out-of-pocket these past 2 days. Didn’t plan on it or I would have given fair warning.

We’ve been rushing to finish our basement in time for Easter.  We’d been slowly working on this project since last fall, having decided we needed to expand what with the grandson count continually going up (now at 6 – with another on the way!).

But the Easter deadline became crucial when learning Andy Moore was coming to the states for a 3 month visit. Andy interned here a couple years ago and was the force behind Bryan Kemper and I speaking in New Zealand in January/February.

We’ve become fast friends with Andy and offered him our “lower level” (my mom says I can no longer call it a basement) as his base during his stay.

So Andy arrived yesterday, and construction came down to the wire. My brother builder was completing his punch list even as I left for the airport to pick Andy up.

We’re so happy to have Andy here! There are still lots of odds and ends to finish downstairs before Saturday, when we’ll celebrate Easter with the kids and grandkids. And daughter Daena flies in for the holiday weekend tomorrow. So I’ll still be in- and out-of-pocket during the whirlwind of activities until Tuesday. Thanks for your patience. And thanks to Kelli, the mods, JJ, and LL for holding down the fort!

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