From the demonic Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion mill in Rockford, IL, comes word of yet another sick and creepy incident.

NIWC owner Wayne Webster is losing so much of business due to the mobile ultrasound unit parked near his clinic that on May 14 he brought in 2 older pro-abort women “sidewalk counselors” to encourage moms to ignore the pro-lifers and come on in to kill their babies.

In this video (at 2:20-2:45) you will see them both bizarrely cheer and one do a little happy dance when a mom does exactly that…


Recall this is the mill that has been know to display a rubber chicken hanging on a cross in one of its windows. View this video for more unbelievable window displays (warning: vulgar and blasphemous).

Go to this link to see a photo of Webster traipsing around the complex in a devil costume, another photo of horse dung Webster spread along his property line to deter pro-lifers, and another (warning: vulgar) video, this one of Webster’s friend verbally assaulting a black pro-lifer and yelling out at a mom entering the mill to abort, “You’re doing the right thing, and God will honor you! I believe in you, Mom.”

I spoke at the Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Center banquet a couple weeks ago and afterward drove by the mill. It was about 10p. I sat there a couple minutes and then got spooked. I know Jesus was with me, but I still got rattled – I’m not sure by what – and zoomed off. That feeling has come over me 2 other times, both when I was working at Christ Hospital.

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