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  • Live Action tells of protests outside a Michigan theater where comedienne and Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead did a Planned Parenthood benefit. In her show, she jokes about politics, sex scandals and her own abortion. How many laugh lines do you get talking about your abortion?


  • National Pro-Life Radio speaks of Planned Parenthood’s new favorite cash cow – and silent killer of women – the abortion drug mifepristone, or RU-486. With 14 deaths and 2,207 injuries in the United States alone, the use of this drug proves the abortion industry isn’t about helping women.
  • Women’s Rights Without Borders sounds the urgent alarm for blind forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng. Chen has suffered repeated beatings in house detention, along with malnutrition. WRWB and China Aid Association are calling for Chen and his family’s release.
  • Wesley J. Smith discusses his opposition to graphic abortion images because of their apparent lack of effectiveness in changing behavior. However, this is not the case when it comes to animal abuse:See an aborted fetus and we will turn our heads. See a cancerous lung on a cigarette pack and it probably won’t affect our decision to smoke or induce us to quit. But see an ill or abused animal, and for many, emotions go to a wallet-opening peak. Why are we more caring toward animals than humans?

  • Secular ProLife says “bravo” to pro-lifers in Poland who recently collected 600k signatures on a petition to “push forward a measure to prohibit all abortions” there – far more than the 100k signatures needed, and in a much shorter time period. Poland is predominately Catholic.
  • ProWomanProLife applauds a UK official who has proposed a blueprint for changing hostile attitudes many government workers, social workers, and ministers have toward adoption.
  • Reflections of a Paralytic reflects on society’s view of the disabled and the need to recognize them as people with the same desires as all human beings.
  • ProLifeBlogs spotlights some good news on Europe from HLI World Watch:Country after country is coming up with new pro-life initiatives and legislation. We have seen governments in Poland, Hungary, Russia and Lithuania embrace pro-life proposals. Croatia and Slovakia are on the edge of delivering pro-life initiatives as well. And it seems like everywhere in the former Communist countries of Europe, there is a ferment that is pushing forward different pro-life, pro-family initiatives.

    These countries have experienced the alternative and are seeing devastating results.

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