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  • Abby Johnson writes a must-read post about owning the sin of abortion – there are no scapegoats. Abby states not only are women and abortionists responsible for abortion, but we as Christians are culpable for our silence.

  • Our newest blog addition, Abolitionist Society, wonders if by our consumption of various products we are unwittingly participating in the commercialization of abortion.
  • Pro-Life in TN points out a self-proclaimed “pro-abortion with a heart” blog which justifies abortion as merely another one of those decisions we make for our children’s lives.

  • Big Blue Wave reports on a record-setting baby girl in Germany born at 21 weeks, 5 days weighing just over a pound. She was given immediate lifesaving treatment and left the hospital at 7 pounds. In the US, doctors do not attempt to save babies born before 22 weeks gestation, regardless of parents’ wishes. When young preemies survive, those who deny the humanity of the preborn are forced to view the truth.
  • Culture Campaign links to news accounts on census data showing the declining birth rate in America. As the debt crisis continues to dominate the news, no one wants to address the fact that we did this to ourselves – we aborted the workforce needed to support our aging population.
  • Moral Outcry discusses the need for prayer and the fear that motivates some to file frivolous lawsuits to stop public prayer.
  • The Culture Vulture and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition both report good news: Italy has passed a bill outlawing euthanasia through means of withdrawing nutrition and hydration from comatose patients unless it can be proven that the patient’s physiological functions are not benefited by the nutrients. This followed a highly controversial story similar to that of Terri Schiavo.
  • The FRC Blog highlights a new FDA-approved trial using adult stem cells for treating stroke victims up to 19 days following a stroke.
  • Catholic Vote has the inspiring story and video of Dr. Nancy Hendricks, who, with other pro-life warriors, stood against the University of Wisconsin Madison’s plan to partner with Planned Parenthood in providing 2nd trimester abortions:


[Photo via National Catholic Register]

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