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  • Mark Crutcher notes the high percentage of repeat abortions, demolishing abortion proponents’ argument that abortion is simply a “responsible” or “difficult” decision made by a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Fletcher Armstrong effectively uses the Department of Health and Human Services’ new regulations on tobacco packaging using graphic images to defend the public display of graphic abortion images.
  • At Accepting Abundance, Stacy describes the growing pressure expectant mothers face regarding genetic testing and abortion, even in Catholic hospitals.
  • The Anti-Abortion Gang encourages readers to think about what it really means when society claims abortion is “acceptable.”
  • Big Blue Wave discusses the opening of a pro-life clinic in Russia, where they are exceedingly honest about the nature of abortion.
  • David Daleiden at Live Action analyzes a federal judge’s decision allowing abortions to continue at Kansas clinics not meeting new state health standards. One clinic, a Planned Parenthood, was originally denied a license due to “lack of supplies and protocols to protect babies born alive after an abortion,” which a PP exec claims “never happens,” though the facility does abortions up to 21 weeks.
  • Moral Outcry remarks on the recent “11th hour” pro-life setbacks in Kansas and South Dakota:One can only speculate what hold Planned Parenthood has on this nation when it can secure massive funding from the government (despite it not being a government organization), when it can file expensive lawsuits, and it can essentially take on any power that comes at in it in a natural sense.

    PP has influence and power far beyond a normal American organization. But the real power is rooted spiritually. We are a land that legally sheds the blood of its innocent children, sucking them from the womb and disposing them in medical waste incinerators so we can make money and exalt our convenience. The biggest aid in this process is PP who is, in a spiritual sense, fueling the powers of darkness with its sacrifices of blood for money.

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life shares the abstract of an excellent forthcoming Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy on women’s equality, abortion, and the Constitution. A sampling:This article seeks to systematically engage, on feminist grounds, the leading pro-choice feminist legal literature, detailing why sexual equality need not – indeed, should not – include a right to abortion….

    I thus challenge the assumptions underlying the idea that pregnancy and motherhood necessarily undermine equality for women. I argue instead that abortion rights actually hinder the equality of women by taking the wombless male body as normative, thereby promoting cultural hostility toward pregnancy and motherhood….

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