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Jivin J reported yesterday that an RH Reality Check blogger was claiming pro-abort responsibility and victory for the 60 “Black&Beautiful” pro-life billboards erected around the Oakland, CA, area coming down….

Eveline wrote:

On behalf of all of us who have worked on the campaign to remove the racist, anti-choice billboards in Oakland, I want to say thank you for all you did. So many of you emailed CBS Outdoor and spread the word about the action that we were able to generate thousands of emails to CBS Outdoor insisting on the removal of the billboards….

When the billboards were removed early Monday morning, all of us were relieved, and held our heads high as we walked our own streets….

Um, sorry, Eveline, the only reason the billboards came down was because the contract expired. See above.

And I’d like you to explain just how the billboards were “racist” in the first place. Is it racist to say Black is beautiful? Are you saying Black is ugly? Is it racist to say too many black babies are aborted? Are you saying you don’t think enough black babies are aborted? Or that the skewed statistics are a-okay? Which of our groups is actually racist?

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