Giuliana Rancic has unsuccessfully gone through IVF twice now in hopes of having a baby, but she’s not giving up just yet.

The E! News and Fashion Police host tells me that she and hubby Bill Rancic [past winner of The Apprentice] will give the treatment another go.

“We’re definitely going to do IVF again in the near future…. If it doesn’t work, that will have been three times—but I think third time’s a charm. I feel good about the third time!”

Fingers crossed that it works for her, but if not, they know they’ll have a child one way or another…

“At that point, we will either do surrogacy or go right to adoption,” she explained, adding that her hometown of Naples, Italy, would be the first place they’d look to adopt.

“I would love to find some kid in the area… someone, anyone who needs a home and give them a life here in America,” Giuliana shared. “The thing with adoption is, it’s where your heart takes you….”

The couple’s doctor also agrees that they should try IVF one final time.

~ Cristina Gibson, E!Online, July 26

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