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  • Rebecca Taylor on Mara Hvistendahl’s Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men:

    What I loved most about this book is that it goes beyond the typical reasons why Asians are aborting their girls in record numbers. We know they have a preference for boys and China has a one-child policy. But Asia has always prized their sons and only China has a one-child policy. Yet all over Asia, in the last few decades, millions of girls have gone missing. Why?

    Hvistendahl makes a compelling case that the Western world shoved population control down the throats of Asians and presented sex selective abortion as the “ethical” means to do it. The typical arrogant and fearful Western minds thought they had to control the growth of Asian populations and reasoned that if Asians kept having children until they got a boy, then providing sex selective abortion was the answer.

  • A West Virginia man was arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting an ex-girlfriend:

    The victim, who is 3 months pregnant with another man’s child, told officers [Bruce] Cook told her to have an abortion.

    When she refused, he held a knife to her stomach and told her he would abort the baby, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court.

  • Hadley Arkes on Rick Perry (pictured left), the Tenth Amendment and abortion:

    Perry remarked that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, the matter of abortion would be subject again to legislation by the states and that is where the matter should be dealt with. “You either have to believe in the Tenth Amendment or you don’t,” he said.

    Perry is of course perfectly right, that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, the states would recover their power to legislate in imposing serious restrictions, even restrictions that come near banning abortions as a practical matter. But why would Perry assume that the federal government has no business acting in this domain? The problem, after all, emanated from the center. It was the intervention of the federal courts, striking down laws on abortion within the states that converted abortion into a federal or national issue.

    The corrective, then, needs to come in part from the center….

  • California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a law which was designed after pro-lifers protested abortion using graphic images at a school. The law creates tougher penalties for creating a disturbance near a school:

    The bill was signed 3 years after a federal court found that the 1st Amendment rights of anti-abortion activists were violated when they were ordered to stop circling Dodson Middle School in a truck with billboard-sized photos of aborted fetuses.

    The intent of the new law was questioned by Robert Muise, an attorney for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, the group that staged the 2003 demonstration outside the school but was stopped by school officials and Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies.

    “I think it’s meaningless,” Muise said. “If they pass this in a way to prevent the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform from engaging in peaceful demonstrations on public streets they are not going to win that fight.”

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