Last week pro-lifers with the Sacramento 40 Days for Life got wind that the local Planned Parenthood was holding a fundraiser at the local Chili’s and succeeded in shutting the event down.

Why? Planned Parenthood has become too controversial. Its brand is shattered. Why? In large part due to the investigative stings by Lila Rose and, which uncovered Planned Parenthood’s willingness to engage in sex trafficking, misinformation, underage rape cover-up, and black-targeted fundraising.

Planned Parenthood hasn’t helped itself by actually being caught committing fraud against the government, covering up child rape, and failing to comply with parental involvement laws.

But whose fault is it that Planned Parenthood has become anathema to American society? Ours. Excerpts from an August 1 article in the Huffington Post by “Reverend” Tom David of the United Church of Christ (Obama’s denom), entitled, “Blessing (Not Cursing) Planned Parenthood”:

When legislators and the entire anti-abortion movement which drives them engage in “cursing” they first devalue the members of the group they are attacking, characterizing them as strange people with alien values. They then make endless and groundless charges against Planned Parenthood, seeking to stop its work. This leads to the “cursed” group being shunned by other groups (barred from United Way campaigns because it is “controversial.”) and the process continues until the people of the community begin to see the group as evil, a threat to families or at the very least, “not like us.”…

You know you are dealing with cursing when a person who works at Planned Parenthood has to think about how to answer when they are asked, “Where do you work?” If they say “Planned Parenthood”, will they have to defend themselves instead of enjoying a social gathering? The end result of all this cursing is that the group is placed outside the protective umbrella of social acceptance and, in effect, turned over to violence. And violence has come to Planned Parenthood for years in the form of physical harassment, arson and the murder of two of its staff.

Not to minimize the two PP staffers murdered by vigilantes, but to put them in perspective, Planned Parenthood has murdered five million people in the past four decades.

At any rate, the Left apparently believes pro-lifers are engaged in Saul Alinsky tactics, which falls under the purview of the Left.

But we don’t need tactics. We believe in the truth. And the truth is what is bringing Planned Parenthood down, not us. Because of the new media, we’re just there to tell it, when the Left/MSM covered it up in years past.

[HT: Pro-Life Wisconsin on Twitter]

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