Great opening line in this MedPage Today article, August 24:

There may be fewer obstetrician/gynecologists performing abortions than previously estimated, researchers said.

The good news is that only 14% of 1,031 ob/gyns responding to a new survey said they commit abortions, down from 22% in 2008.

The results were published in the September issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, although the lead researcher cautioned the apparent decline “may reflect different sampling and survey techniques.”

But the numbers are certainly trending our way. There may be all the freedom in the world to access abortion, but if no one is willing to do the dirty deed, the result is the same as if there were no access.

There were interesting finds, as shown in nice charts made by The Incidental Economist

The religious breakdown of physicians committing abortions…

  • 40% of Jewish doctors
  • 26.5% with no religious affiliation
  • 20% of Hindus
  • 13% of Muslims (Interestingly, none of the other online reports included this particular stat.)
  • 10% of Non-Evangelical Protestants
  • 9% of Roman Catholics or Eastern Orthodox
  • 1.2% of Evangelical Protestants
  • The most important factor determining whether or not a doctor will commit abortions is religion, about which abortion proponent Melissa McEwan at Shakesville wrote, “I’m not surprised. I’m contemptuous.” And I’m not surprised Melissa is contemptuous.

    There is also the stigmatism factor, according to MedPage Today:

    Stulberg and colleagues wrote that providers living in rural areas, especially in the South and Midwest, may be less likely to provide the service, even if they don’t personally object to it, because of opposition in the community. Many try to avoid being a target of antiabortion activists, the researchers said.

    So God and protests work.

    [HT: Rich; the strange top graphic comes via a Los Angeles Times story on this survey]

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