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  • Personhood USA, our newest blog addition, links to an editorial by Gualberto Garcia Jones, explaining reasons for supporting the Personhood movement. Jones writes:

    … [I]t is very likely that when the Personhood Amendment passes in Mississippi the argument will be one of states’ rights. Of course, protecting all human beings in one state is not our end goal, but it is a type of incrementalism that every pro-lifer would be happy to achieve in the short term as we work towards our ultimate goal of a federal constitutional amendment to recognize all human beings as legal persons.”

  • Wesley J. Smith calls out the Washington Post on their article regarding the alleged breakthrough in embryonic stem cell research – which is nothing of the sort. It is actually unethical human cloning:

    … [T]he ultimate agenda goes far beyond stem cell research and into Brave New World technologies that require cloning, e.g., genetic engineering, fetal farming and experimentation, and eventually cloning to produce babies. Indeed, some bioethicists already support allowing cloning and gestating to birth.

  • Stand for Life showcases the recent Face the Truth Tour in Dallas, sponsored by Pro-Life Texas. Included below is the 9-minute interview video done by a local news station. In the final story, the interview was cut to 7 seconds, but demonstrators were thrilled with the balanced news report:


  • John Smeaton posts excerpts of a letter written by Alison Davis of No Less Human to the organizers of World Suicide Prevention Day, chastising them for ignoring the issue of assisted suicide.
  • Secular Pro-Life lauds Heartbeat International’s Babies Go to Congress Day in which pregnancy resource center clients and their babies share their positive CPC experiences on Capitol Hill.
  • ProWomanProLife links to a Lancet study which reveals “[t]he most popular contraceptive for women in eastern and southern Africa, a hormone shot given every three months, appears to double the risk the women will become infected with HIV….”
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin links to a post commenting on the late Steve Jobs’ Wisconsin roots. His birth mother, a WI college student, chose life and adoption for her son, who enjoyed a stable home with a strong father/son relationship that “instilled confidence, tenacity, and mechanical prowess in young Jobs.”
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