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  • Accepting Abundance and Coming Home discuss a Minnesota high school pep rally “practical joke” which involved students who were blindfolded and then kissed passionately – by their parents.

  • Big Blue Wave posts about a study in which researchers tried to determine whether injecting potassium chloride into the hearts of preborn children effectively speeds up abortion time. Death by painful heart attack or death by dismemberment – a hideous “choice.”

  • Culture Campaign reports on a disturbing study which shows that young teens engaging in group sex do so largely because of partner coercion as well as pornography. Researchers say “group sex is much more prevalent among young people than is commonly believed, and that has implications for parents, educators, and health care providers.”
  • The Family Research Council has information on a domestic study of child sex trafficking by state. Is your state among the least likely to protect minors?
  • Live Action points out the outrageous claims abortion proponents are making against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker because of his decision to re-route breast cancer prevention funds from Planned Parenthood to county health departments. Naturally, pro-choicers are claiming his decision will “kill women.”
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life writes that the University of Minnesota has won an award for its successful – and dishonest – campaign against legislation that would have prohibited human cloning.

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