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  • Americans United for Life explains the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision to uphold an extension of AL’s wrongful death statute which includes preborn humans from the moment of conception.

  • Culture Campaign updates us on a case of anti-life bias in Missouri, where student posters advertising the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity were removed, while others promoting pro-LGBT causes were allowed to remain. The Alliance Defense Fund has filed suit on behalf of the students involved.
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life announces that the embattled Whole Woman’s Health abortion chain has opened a mill in Minneapolis and will provide RU486 as well as surgical abortions through 16 weeks. This is the same clinic chain which bills itself as a sort of “day spa” for women, and which was recently fined for improper disposal of fetal remains. Eight abortionists in the chain are also facing Texas Medical Board discipline for multiple infractions.

One of the most irritating things conservatives and Republicans have been doing in this election season has been saying that with the economy in the state it’s in, candidates must focus on economic issues, and put social issues on hold “for a while”….

These people never say just exactly when we’ll know the voting masses will be able to handle social issues so that the pro-lifers can come back out of the closet. Is there some magical GDP number that means we can start protecting unborn children from genocide?…

[H]ow is it that Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time, but the brain trusts in the Republican Party tell us that we can’t talk about abortion during a recession? No, it’s time to put that argument to bed once and for all.


  • Kansans for Life tries to clarify Kansas’ Pro-Life Protections Act, HB 2598, which seeks to “codify basic elements of the informed consent pamphlet” distributed to women considering abortion.
  • Abolitionist Society posts a powerful video from a rape survivor who chose abortion and now expresses her regret – a story abortion apologists would rather ignore:



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