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  • Clarke Forsythe and Mailee Smith discuss the link between abortion and suicide and a court to determine the fate of South Dakota’s informed consent law.
  • William McGurn argues that Rick Santorum shouldn’t drop his social issues campaigning:

    Dropping the social issues is also not practical for another reason: The media won’t let him. When Mr. Obama used a prayer breakfast earlier this month to suggest that the Gospel of Luke was a call for raising taxes on the wealthy, the press corps yawned. When Mr. Santorum complained about the “phony theology” behind the president’s worldview, suddenly it landed on every front page and lead every news show.

    So what’s the answer? The answer is that when Mr. Santorum discusses these issues, he needs to fold them into his larger narrative about the free society. That narrative has to do with pointing out the dependency that comes with an expanding federal government, the importance of family, and the threat to freedom when, say, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or a Health and Human Services secretary can substitute their own opinions on these issues for the judgment of the American people.

  • In the UK, Councillor Ali Bakir claimed he knows of at least 4 illegal abortion clinics which perform abortions on Muslim teens.
  • Michael Stokes Paulsen compares President Obama’s mandate and “accommodation” with a story from the Maccabees:

    The notion that Obama’s arrangement is any less a violation of religious liberty, that it is any less a deliberate cram-down, or that religious persons surely should not see this as a violation of their consciences, is insulting—and eerily reminiscent of the story of Eleazar. It looks an awful lot like the courtiers’ offer of cooked meat instead of pork. It’s worse than that actually: the violation of conscience for Eleazar would have been that of giving scandal and demoralizing others by his apparent obeisance. Obama’s offer is actually to eat pork, but to pretend it is something else — an act both of complicity and scandal.

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