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  • A Wisconsin teen who concealed her pregnancy, gave birth at 6 months in a bathtub and buried her child in her backyard will not face charges after a judge ruled there was no evidence the child was born alive.
  • The retired Massachusetts judge who ordered a schizophrenic woman to have an abortion and be sterilized is defending her much maligned and overturned decision. Her decision also cost her a chance at another job:

    “I viewed the interruption of Mary’s full medical regimen as potentially life-threatening. If Mary understood this, which my observation of her behavior, demeanor, and responses indicated that she did not, I believed then, as I do now, that she would elect to abort the pregnancy in order to protect her own well-being,” [Christina] Harms wrote in her letter to her former colleagues on the bench.

  • Abortionist George Tiller’s late-term abortion rubber stamper Ann Kristen Neuhaus (pictured left) has had her medical license revoked by a state administrative judge:

    In an order that became public Tuesday, the judge said Dr. Ann Kristen Neuhaus failed to meet accepted standards of care in performing exams on 11 patients, ages 10 to 18, who had late-term abortions at Tiller’s clinic in Wichita from July to November 2003. The judge said Neuhaus’ records did not contain the information necessary to show she did thorough exams….

    The administrative judge said that in some cases, the young patients were described as suicidal, but Neuhaus didn’t recommend further treatment. The judge said Neuhaus simply “answered yes/no questions” using the computer program and assigned whatever diagnosis “the computer gave.”

    “The care and treatment of the 11 patients in question was seriously jeopardized by the Licensee’s care,” [Judge Ed] Gaschler wrote.

[Neuhaus photo via thiscantbehappening.net]

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