This morning Live Action released undercover video showing two National Abortion Federation clinics in Arizona agreeing to break state law and commit illegal sex-selection abortions.

Today’s video is the third release of Live Action’s “Gendercide” investigation, showing how America’s abortion industry facilitates sex-selection abortions. The first two videos focused on Planned Parenthoods in Texas and New York, states where sex selective abortions are legal.

But Arizona is one of four states where sex-selective abortions are illegal. In March 2011 Governor Jan Brewer signed a statute into law making it a Class 3 Felony to knowingly commit, solicit, coerce, or accept funds for an abortion based on gender or race.

In today’s release Live Action expands its investigation to National Abortion Federation clinics. NAF is an association of independent abortionists and abortion doctors across the U.S., i.e., no Planned Parenthoods.

The video shows employees at  Camelback Family Planning in Phoenx and the Tucson Women’s Center in Tucscon either authorizing the investigator to lie on her paperwork about her intentions to abort a girl, or telling her to conceal the motivation she has just revealed.


At the Camelback clinic a counselor named Barb advises, “Don’t tell us that, because we don’t want to know.” Referring to the clinic’s abortion doctor, Gabrielle Goodrick, Barb says, “You can tell her. She’s gonna tell you the same thing. Just don’t let it be known! She’s really good about that. You’ll like that about her.”

At the Tucson clinic surgical assistant Francisco tells the woman, “We could lose our license,” but agrees to cover up her sex-selective abortion. “I’ll just forget about it,” he says, “But just be sure not to mention it” to the abortion doctor, and advises her not to affirm on the state-mandated paperwork that her reason for aborting is sex-selection.

Both abortion workers clearly showed intent to violate Arizona’s sex-selection abortion law. Further, Barb indicates she has heard this rationale for abortion before.

Live Action has already provided Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and local law enforcement with full footage of these two investigations and calls for aggressive prosecution.

On May 31 an effort to pass a federal ban on sex-selective abortions failed in the U.S. House. A recent poll by the Lozier Institute found 77% of Americans and 80% of women support a ban on abortions based on gender. Sign the petition to ban abortions based on gender at

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