The Obama/Biden campaign is encouraging supporters to wish President Obama a Happy Father’s Day. What message would you like Obama to read?

Forgotten holiday?

There was a related tidbit by the Associated Press, in conjunction with Obama eating and (unpaid for) lunch with four winners of the “Lunch with Obama” on June 14:

President Barack Obama says his wife told him to knock it off for calling Father’s Day a “forgotten holiday.”

Obama ate lunch with four campaign supporters in downtown Washington on Friday and observed that people make a bigger deal out of Mother’s Day. He said he had shared his observation with Michelle Obama and that she told him to knock it off.

The president said the first lady told him Mother’s Day should be a bigger day because “every day is Father’s Day” and he is “always getting a treat.”

Obama’s comments came as he chatted with his lunch mates in view of the media. Later Friday, he and his family were flying home to Chicago, where they planned to spend Father’s Day weekend.


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