The one and only vice presidential debate of the 2012 election cycle was held this past week, and I’m sure Joe Biden’s inappropriate behavior has already been added to the historical list of “don’t do’s”…

While the Democrat base was “delight[ed]” by Biden’s performance, coming in the shadow of President Barack Obama’s abysmal showing, a CNN poll showed Paul Ryan “sailed” past Biden in the debate. Why? Observed Mary Kate Cary at

Biden’s constant interruptions, smirks, and eye-rolling grimaces backfired on a number of levels. First, he reminded the majority of people who don’t like Biden that they have good reason to feel that way. The split-screen image on television – and the 80 to 100 interruptions – really didn’t play well for Biden, especially with the women I’ve talked to today….

Second, he confirmed for voters the level of incivility in Washington under the current administration…. If the Democrats win, here comes more gridlock.

And while Biden may have helped disillusioned Democrats feel better about their candidate, last night’s debate did not change the trajectory of the race. Over the last week, the momentum in the president race shifted dramatically.  Real Clear Politics moved five swing states that were leaning Obama into the “toss-up” column this week, and Romney closed the polling gap in 11 swing states. Ryan’s performance confirmed for independents that he can handle being vice president, but Biden’s rantings did nothing to get those independents to vote Democratic.

With that, on with the cartoons…

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