baby and supporterSo the NRA, members of the NRA – you see, you gun owners, I have to tell you, you are seen in exactly the same light as pro-lifers are seen, a bunch of pickup-truck-driving hayseed hicks who get to church on Saturday night to get a close parking space for services on Sunday.

And you go to things like ice cream socials, and you do all this old-fashioned, embarrassing stuff while wearing those weird orange hunting uniforms, and you’re embarrassing.

The guns and the NRA, they’re gonna be tossed in with the stack of other things that embarrass Republican moderates, and that is, “We’ve gotta relax our stance on amnesty, Rush. Rush, what are you gonna do about the Christians? You’ve got to get this abortion issue off the table.” Well, add guns to it.

It’s coming. And the left knows this, by the way. They’ve got years of experience of learning exactly how to make Republican moderates buckle.

~ Radio host Rush Limbaugh, predicting supporters of the Second Amendment will be lumped in with “embarrassing” pro-lifers, The Rush Limbaugh Show, January 10

[HT: Fr. Z; Photo credit: Societies Mirror]

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