by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Jennifer McKenna-Morbelli’s death after abortion was covered by News 12 Long Island.
  • A 16-year-old girl in Texas is suing her parents for allegedly trying to force her into an abortion.
  • A federal judge has blocked Arizona’s attempt to prevent Planned Parenthood from getting Medicaid funds:

    In an 11-page ruling, Judge Neil Wake [a G.W. Bush appointee] said legislation approved last year violates federal laws which say that those enrolled in the Medicaid program are entitled to get their services from any qualified medical provider.

    He said there was no evidence presented that Planned Parenthood is not qualified to offer family planning services. Instead, Wake said, the law is simply an attempt by legislators to prevent Planned Parenthood from getting any federal or state funds, no matter for what they are used.


  • In New Mexico, a man has been charged after attacking his pregnant girlfriend. The district attorney will also appeal to state lawmakers to pass a law to add punishments when someone attacks a pregnant woman and her child:

    … [T]he fetus survived the attack by Andrew Thomas [pictured], 26, who is accused of punching and beating Jessica Aguilera with a broom handle at the home they share in Logan. Thomas is also charged with felony attempted murder and kidnapping and misdemeanor interfering with communications and criminal damage to property.

    Aguilera told officers that Thomas had been drinking and was arguing with his mother on the phone when she told him “it’s stupid the way you threaten your mother.”

    According to court records, the couple began arguing with Aguilera deciding to leave. She said Thomas took her cell phone and threw objects at the car as she attempted to flee.

    Thomas opened the door of the vehicle and pulled Aguilera out by her hair, punching her as he dragged her back into the house, according to court records.

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