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  • Pro-Life Action League reports on a huge free speech victory for pro-lifers in Rockford, Illinois, home of the infamously profane (and thankfully, now closed) Northern Illinois Women’s Center:

    The settlement comes after more than five years of federal litigation stemming from harassment of pro-life individuals and other federal civil rights violations on the part of some members of the Rockford Police Department.

    As part of the terms of the settlement, Rockford police officers will be required to attend a training program on citizens’ First Amendment rights, with the specific aim of preventing wrongful arrest of citizens for taking part in constitutionally-protected activities.

  • According to Culture Campaign, the House voted yesterday to “[pass] the ‘continuing resolution’ (CR) legislation to fund the budgetless federal government for the rest of the fiscal year including funding for ObamaCare to force Christians to fund abortifacients, sterilization, contraceptives, etc. Fourteen Republicans voted against the bill.”


  • Down on the Pharm says another company, Sioux Chief Manufacturing, has won an injunction against Obamacare’s HHS contraceptive mandate. That makes 12 victories against the mandate so far.
  • At Live Action, Rebecca Downs notes that even Planned Parenthood is objecting to the new NYC teen pregnancy prevention campaign featuring questionable ads, saying the signs create “hostility” toward teen pregnancy and provide little more than “shock value.”
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life writes that the Minnesota House has passed an amendment to remove abortion coverage from the state’s Obamacare exchanges.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition shares a letter from a former Montana senator who points out that since assisted suicide became legal in Oregon, the overall suicide rates in the state have increased greatly, with the rate now 35% above the national average.
  • Jivin J says a judge has overturned Idaho’s 20-week pain-capable abortion law.
  • Clinic Quotes provides a heartbreaking 2005 statement from a Chinese abortionist describing her experience with infanticide:

    The child was alive after the abortion…. [Another doctor] got a bucket of water and put the child into it… [for] about half an hour…. But the child got back its breath again and burst into crying. The life force of the child was too indomitable…. She then fill the washing basin in the room, which was bigger than the bucket, and put the child into the water again for another half an hour.

    After all this, I did not use the washing basin for a long time. For a long time, I felt terrible.

  • Big Blue Wave highlights a video about little Elijah Leffingwell, who had “a complex, high-risk operation that required taking Elijah partly out of his mother’s womb just halfway through her pregnancy [and] then remov[ing] a mass the size of an orange from Elijah’s lung:

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