Even though in my post, “Pro-life March Madness: “Sweeping… hurtling… astonishing display,” I wrote about the vast array of pro-life legislation passing in the states, I was still struck when reading through my google alerts over the weekend just how much we are suddenly accomplishing, as if a log jam has been broken. Here is just a sampling of headlines from the past week. Click to enlarge…


The headlines tell the same story…


From the Wall Street Journal, March 31:

“We are seeing an incredible acceleration in the speed and in the breadth of the restrictions on abortion that are passing,” said Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights….

From The Daily Beast, April 4:

In just three months since the United States marked the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision guaranteeing safe and legal abortions, states such as North Dakota, Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and now Kansas have created legislation designed to gut Roe v. Wade.

(Really? The Roe decision “guarantee[d] safe” abortions? Tell that to Tonya Reaves and Jennifer Morbelli.)

From CNN, April 4:

A spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood said Thursday that the laws are the tip of the iceberg in a broader assault on a woman’s right to choose.

“Bills like these have been introduced in 42 states. This is a whole new level of attack on women’s health,” said Staci Fox, who heads the organization’s Southeast division.

From the Associated Press, April 7:

But with last week’s approval of more anti-abortion legislation, now an annual event in Kansas, legislators who’ve voted for every measure in recent years wonder whether the incremental-change tactic has run its course.

“There are a growing number of legislators who want to explore the practicality of moving toward fetal heartbeat as opposed to the incremental approach,” said Rep. Steve Brunk, a Wichita Republican and a sponsor of that measure….

“We’re at a point of re-evaluation,” said state House Judiciary Chairman Lance Kinzer, an Olathe Republican and a leader among anti-abortion lawmakers. “We’re now looking at a different agenda because so much of what we wanted to be accomplished, will be accomplished.”

We must keep praying and pressing, not taking anything for granted. This may just be a window. Nevertheless, pro-lifers should also take a moment to enjoy a moment in time when things are going our way.

[Top photo via The Daily Beast]

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