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  • At Live Action News, Kristen Hatten reacts to a very disturbing Huffington Post article written by a man who says he is “not happy about” finding out his wife is expecting twin boys after they pursued IVF hoping for a (single) girl.
  • Michael New has two great posts at National Review Online addressing emergency contraception, the Pill, and whether or not these methods of attempting to prevent unintended pregnancy actually work. New argues that what is truly needed is a more chaste culture.


  • Clinic Quotes shares a startling admission from late-term abortionist Warren Hern (pictured left), who claims that “abortion, almost more than any other operation, demands experience to develop skill.” Despite this, CQ points out that “Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations have push[ed] for laws allowing nurses and other non-doctors to perform them.”
  • Culture Campaign shares the discovery of a deadly new strain of rapidly-progressing gonorrhea which is considered to be even more lethal than AIDS/HIV.
  • Ethika Politika comments on a Wall Street Journal article by Sarah Elizabeth Richards, who believes that egg freezing is a good, no-strings-attached way of becoming a mother, without any need for a man:

    The importance of Sarah’s story is to listen to Sarah herself. Sarah isn’t someone just “using” frozen eggs because it is the only way for her to have a baby. She is using it to fulfill her calling as a woman, to be a mother and to have children. These are the ideals that society and nature have always held up for women; it is very normative and correct. Yet, she seems to embrace this reproductive technology as a means to detach herself further from obligations to men (and to society) and to anything beyond her career.

  • Big Blue Wave shares a video created to oppose Quebec’s campaign to legalize euthanasia:


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