After applying the condom gloves, Beck proceeded to have a little white pill taped to his nostril.  He called it a “birth control nose ring.”

“I’m with her, I’m with her.  [Melissa Harris-Perry is] wearing tampon earrings, I’m wearing condom gloves,” Beck said, the sarcasm clear in his voice. “I just want to make the point that abortion is murder, and if you’re looking to control reproductive organs, there are other things you can do…”

And that’s not even including the “crazy” abstinence road or adoption, he added, waving around his hand.

“Melissa, you don’t look like an idiot,” Beck concluded solemnly.  “Nor do I.  Melissa, you look as credible as I do…”

~ Talk radio host Glenn Beck mocking MSNBC contributor Melissa Harris Perry’s tampon earrings protest, The Blaze, July 22, where you can see the video

[Click photo to enlarge]

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