Today Live Action released the fifth in its Inhuman investigative video series on late-term abortions in America.

LA’ new video exposes an abortionist at Southwestern Women’s Options abortion clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, admitting that part of the process of a late-term abortion may be delivering one’s expectantly dead baby alone in a hotel room (beginning at 3:55) – but in that event, for goodness sakes, don’t call 911….


SWO’s Albuquerque mill aborts healthy babies up to 28 weeks, or 7 months gestation, well into the third trimester. At this age a baby is almost 15 inches long and weighs 2-1/4 pounds. The likelihood of survival is 90-95%.

SWO will also abort this late for “fetal indications,” aka sick or impaired baby, and “maternal indications,” aka sick or impaired mother.

The lateness of the pregnancy, potentially exacerbated by health issues of either mother or baby, would make it imperative that a pregnant mother be closely monitored throughout her abortion.

But SWO, like all other late-term abortion clinics in the U.S. of which I’m aware, doesn’t provide 24 hour care. The policy of late-term abortion clinics is to send mothers to hotel rooms each night during the 3-4 day process.

Carmen_LandauIn SWO’s case, according to LA’s new video, both a counselor and abortionist Carmen Landau (pictured right) told the 27 weeks pregnant investigator to sit on the toilet in her hotel room if delivery was imminent and call them. Landau reiterated not to call 911 (not on video but in the transcript).

This practice of letting a mother deliver a 7-mo-old baby alone in a hotel room is obviously dangerous.

Moreover, these late-term abortion clinics are certainly violating scores of OSHA and local, state, and federal codes and laws in regard to universal blood and body fluids precautions and removal of corpses. Imagine if hotel owners knew? Or you, the next occupant of such a hotel room? But it’s all done in secret. From the SWO transcript:

Counselor: The doctor knows to come straight in, uhmm we’re, we don’t, uhmm, we don’t talk to the front desk, we don’t do anything like that, we just go straight, like we’re guests, to your room. OK. So we don’t cause a commotion or anything, they’re just gonna come straight in calmly, and you’re just going to sit on the toilet with a towel –

Woman: Oh good.

Counselor: And whatever. Don’t look down, don’t look, even if you’re concerned you’re going to be on the phone with someone, and if you have any concerns like, “Oh, I feel like this is happening, and I wanna look or I’m worried,” they’ll talk to you –

Woman: They’ll tell me what to do?

Counselor: Yes.

Woman: OK good.

Counselor: They’ll know exactly what to do –

Woman: Good.

Counselor: And you just stay there until the doctor and nurse get there. OK?

Woman: OK.

Counselor: So no action from you other than to sit on the toilet and be on the phone.

Woman: Good. And I’m, and I – I was talking to the nurse about this, if, even if it’s the middle of the night like I don’t, I don’t call 911 or anything.

Counselor: No you’ll call us. Because, uhmm, if you were to call 911 or an ambulance or anything then that would kind of make it a little complicated. But also, you know, we’re ready for this we’re, we’ve done this before (laughs) –

Don’t forget, LA’s “Inhuman” video #4 revealed Maryland abortionist LeRoy Carhart going so far as to say his clinic actually gives mothers “a little pack to put stuff in in case [a hotel room abortion] does happen… a pack of little drapes and sheets and gloves and all those things, that if you had to do something then you could,” and that his people wash the bloody hotel sheets.

One final note, SWO also has a clinic in Dallas, Texas, which aborts up to 24 weeks, and which it describes as a 3-day process.

Texas legislators are taking a second pass at enacting abortion laws that include abortion clinic regulations that would raise their standards to the level of ambulatory surgery centers.  The effort failed the first time because a pro-abortion mob shut down proceedings.

Abortion proponents long ago abandoned the “safe” and “rare” part of the now antiquated motto of wanting abortions to be “safe, legal, and rare.”

gerri_santoroIn an effort to get abortion legalized, Ms. Magazine published a photo (against the family’s wishes) in 1973 of Gerri Santoro, who died alone in a hotel room in 1964 after an illegal abortion when she was 6-1/2 months pregnant.

The abortion movement has come full circle, now advocating hotel room abortions in the name of keeping it legal.


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