So, evidently, no one is ever allowed to offer someone who is even considering having an abortion any other options whatsoever. Because hello, that’s coercion, or something. Of course, back on planet Earth, giving someone another option, which they then agree to, is not coercion. These are the people who call themselves “pro-choice.” But when someone is given another choice besides abortion, they’re outraged. But don’t you dare accuse them of being pro-abortion!

Then there’s her drivel about how people with Down syndrome so often lead terrible lives (blatantly false), and that the church doesn’t help people once their babies are born. Perhaps Ms. Baker should brush up on her facts a little, because the Catholic Church could arguably be said to do more social good than any other organization in existence. One example alone would be Catholic Charities. But that doesn’t fit into her “DOWN SYNDROME BABY MUST DIE!” narrative, so of course, she has to say that the baby would lead a terrible life and the church wouldn’t help after birth, anyway.

This is an example of a “pro-choicer” who is angry that a pregnant woman didn’t make the “right” choice, all because a priest had the gall to tell them they had another option. Baker and her ilk like to use that word a lot – “choice” – but the reality clearly is that they only support choice if that choice is abortion.

~ Cassy Fiano, reacting to Jezebel writer Katie Baker’s rage against a Catholic priest who helped a couple considering abortion to instead find an adoptive family for their child with Down syndrome, Live Action News, July 11

[Photo of Facebook appeal (click to enlarge) via CNN]

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