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I have been on Facebook for years and have added many pro-lifers to my friends list in an effort to stay current on pro-life issues. But I also try to educate the friends I have who do not know the truth about the abortion industry.

In at least four instances, I have been involved in helping stop forced abortions by simply responding to status updates or prayer requests on Facebook. These were women and teenage girls being coerced by boyfriends or parents. I responded with immediate practical help and advice to keep innocent lives from being destroyed. One of the ways I did this was to encourage them to contact The Center Against Forced Abortion, which is a project of The Justice Foundation.

My friend, attorney Allan Parker, is at JF to help women who are being forced into abortions. CAFA also provides several forms that can be downloaded, printed, and distributed to young women, their parents, or their significant others. These should be in the hands of every sidewalk counselor and should also be available at pregnancy resource centers.

In the cases where I have been involved, those who were trying to force an abortion were advised that their actions were illegal.

The Center Against Forced Abortion has this to say about coercion:

Problem –

  • Many teenage girls are being coerced into abortion by their parents
  • Pregnancy resource centers are generally unequipped to help legally defend these clients, and subsequently coerced abortions occur
  • Even under Roe v. Wade, the decision to keep the child is supposedly the womanís alone, so these young womenís rights are being violated when they are coerced into abortion

Response –

  • The Justice Foundation has created a “Dear Parent Letter,” which (in a friendly, helpful, and serious manner) informs the teen motherís parents that they could be guilty of illegal actions if they force their daughter to have an abortion
  • Combined with Life Dynamicsí Letter to Abortionists, which is a signed statement indicating the motherís non-consent to an abortion, the two documents form a powerful legal defense that empowers the teen mother to stand for her child

Effectiveness –

  • Gives pregnancy centers a proven strategy to defend teens from parentally coerced abortions
  • Equips the teen mother with legal documents empowering her decision to keep her child
  • Trial distributions indicate the strategy is very effective (testimonies below)
  • If just one baby is saved at two out of every three pregnancy resource centers that receive the letter and training, then CAFA will facilitate the protection of 2,000 babies lives

logoThere have also been instances when abortion vulnerable and abortion minded mothers that have sent personal messages to me on Facebook seeking help. In those cases, I have been able to refer many to pregnancy resource centers, and others to post-abortion recovery programs if they were forced into abortions.

We don’t have to helplessly stand on the sidewalk when a young woman is crying out to us that she DOES NOT want an abortion, and we don’t have to merely post a sad face comment on social media in response. We can help to stop forced abortions!

Lives of mothers and their children have been saved through social media. Facebook has given us all an amazing opportunity to make a difference, and I, for one, will not squander it.

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