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  • Kansans for Life describes the latest tactic of the abortion industry – demonizing adoption and those who support adoption, suggesting that it victimizes both the mother and child. I guess dead children and wounded women they can ignore are better?

    Andrea Grimes, writing at RH Reality Check, a pro-abortion blog, has issued a clarion call to forestall a Texas proposal that would require three hours of adoption counseling prior to any abortion. Her plan? Undermine pro-lifers’ “hold” on the issue by “exposing” adoption as a corrupt, woman-coercing, money-making cartel!

    Because the abortion industry isn’t? Wow. Are we to assume, then, that no one is victimized by the abortion industry?


  • A Culture of Life showcases a sculpted “display of 14 bronze sculptures depicting the journey from human conception through to birth… in Qatar” by British artist Damien Hirst. The sculptures were commissioned with the “intention of being a celebration of life.”
  • Judie Brown describes how societal attitudes toward death are changing, almost glamorizing the event. She adds that Obamacare does nothing to change this:

    It is quite likely that Obama’s Affordable Care Act will sanction “a better way of dying,” which translates into euthanasia. The truth is that one of the organizations advocating so-called assisted suicide, Compassion and Choices, did by its own admission work “tirelessly” with members of Congress in the drafting of certain aspects of Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

    So, could Obamacare lead to greater numbers of assisted suicide? You betcha.

    Then, there is the question of organ donation and the recent medical journal article that states: “That patients be dead before their organs are recovered is not a foundational ethical requirement.” In other words, doctors should not mind killing to get organs they need for other people.

  • Clinic Quotes demonstrates how abortionists are encouraged to concern themselves more with abortion advocacy than with patients:

    At a National Abortion Federation meeting session on the management of complications of first trimester abortions:

    “… [A] practitioner warned that if a particularly risky procedure was undertaken in emergency circumstances, and failed, it would not only harm the patient but the “movement” as well.”…

    Pro-choice feminists have sometimes put the legality of abortion ahead of the health of women. In some cases, women have died from malpractice and pro-choicers have rallied to support the doctors who killed them. For example, read the story of Bruce Steir.


  • Abby Johnson reminds us that it is almost time for the annual Girl Scouts cookie sale, posting a helpful sheet to hand to parents explaining why you don’t plan to buy and why they should reconsider if Girl Scouts USA is appropriate for their daughter.
  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal examines the stats showing the closing of abortions clinics compared to the decrease in abortions. With the record number of clinic closure at 75% and the decrease in abortions of 25%, he believes the numbers just don’t add up:

    The simple truth is that the opponent has adjusted to our tactics. The butchers such as Gosnell needed to be put away for their crimes. Now the challenge will be how to monitor the hospitals as they make a fundamental philosophical shift by embracing abortion in the era of Obamacare. One approach will be to step up the education of women regarding the dangers of abortion, and their betrayal by cynical governors such as California’s Jerry Brown and New York’s Andrew Cuomo.

  • Pro-Life in TN comments on the story of a 15-year-old girl living in an abusive situation, coerced into an abortion, who was failed by school officials and a judge – who are now facing legal consequences. Truly awful.
  • Auburn University’s new Homecoming Queen, Molly Anne Dutton, shares her story of being conceived in rape, adopted, and now bringing awareness to the issue of the victims of sexual assault. Video via The Blaze:


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