by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Slate’s William Saletan refutes the mindset of pro-choice people who think pro-lifers are misogynists who don’t really care about abortion:

    The assertion that pro-lifers don’t really care about abortion — that what really motivates them is misogyny, controlling other people’s bodies, and forcing anyone who has sex to have a baby — is morally comforting to a lot of pro-choice people. It reassures us that we’re on side of compassion, justice, and progress, and that there’s no reason to feel ambivalent about this issue. We have nothing to heed or learn from our enemies. Our only challenge is to defeat them.

    This is one of those echo-chamber beliefs that won’t survive a reality test.

  • Julia Herrington writes about how she changed her mind on abortion and the framework of the abortion debate:

    But with an awareness of the framework we’re dealing with, we have the opportunity to start a new dialogue. Actually, I think it is incumbent upon us to change the conversation, addressing the topic from new and varied points of view. The conversation need not be first and foremost political. And the friction enshrouding abortion needs to be diminished. This requires that we really examine the nuts and bolts of the issue, turn it on its head and find new angles as entry points for discussion.


  • At the Boston Herald, radio host Margery Eagan (pictured left) shares her discomfort with how abortions are mostly performed at abortion clinics:

    Abortion clinics should be closed and women seeking them should be able to get them where they get the rest of their medical care: their physician’s office. Outpatient clinics that also treat asthma, diabetes, broken bones or aching backs. Secure clinics within big hospitals.

    Do you think Mass. General, Brigham and Women’s, Beth Israel — or their influential patients and patrons — would put up with screaming protesters outside their front doors? No, they wouldn’t. Not for one minute.

    So why then are women, in 2014, still being farmed off like pariahs?

    Because hospitals don’t want the hassle of abortion. Most doctors don’t, either. Insurance companies don’t want to pay more than they’re already paying.

    And pro-choice women let everybody get away with this disgrace.

    Ladies, we are fighting the wrong fight, accepting crumbs from the table, and being played for fools. When will we wake up?

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