by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • The Washington Post has one of those columns from one of those professors who write some of those books which attempt to study pro-life people or Christians like we’re exotic animals. It has some hilarious assertions, like claiming that pro-life legislation on the state level “largely went unnoticed, and thus popularly unopposed, until Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis’ filibuster brought attention to the strategy.”
  • Joshua Wilson is writing about Massachusetts’ 35-foot buffer zone law, comparing sidewalk counseling and clinic blockades, but never mentioning the FACE Act (which has a much greater effect on clinic blockades than any buffer zone law).
  • At National Review, Ed Whelan points out that the primary evidence Massachusetts’ lawyer cites for why the 35-foot buffer zone was needed is “pro choice advocates swearing and screaming at pro life advocates” in the smaller buffer zone.
  • Local media outlets are taking notice of the closure of Planned Parenthood in Birmingham:

    [Planned Parenthood vice president of external affairs Nora] Spencer did not comment beyond her statement.

    “Planned Parenthood in Birmingham prioritizes patient care, and provides essential reproductive health care to over 1,600 women, men and teens each year,” she said. “We are slowing down our services in Birmingham temporarily in order to upgrade our operations.

    Planned Parenthood Southeast is committed to excellence, and the effort we are taking is to verify that we are doing everything we can to ensure patients have a safe, positive experience while in our care.”

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