Let’s start this conversation by taking violence off the table. Both pro-lifers and abortion supporters agree that violence emanating from either side is wrong and committed by outliers.

Beyond that, where, if ever, can pro-lifers cross the line? The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering the constitutionality of a Massachusetts buffer zone law, the decision of which will have implications across the country. Can a state or municipality erect an unseen red line of whatever distance it decides to keep pro-lifers from reaching out to mothers going into abortion clinics to kill their babies? The other side, of course, calls this harassment.

A couple days ago pro-choicer Robin Marty (by now a friend, in actuality) took me on for outing Minnesota businesses that are supporting an abortion fundraiser:

Was I really “bullying”?

On March 10 the Manassas, Virginia, City Council defeated a measure that would have enhanced abortion clinic regulations in that city. One abortion proponent wrote an astute tweet:

ClinicEscort was right. Pro-lifers become a self-fulfilling prophecy by protesting at abortion clinics, often distressing the community around it.

And what of it? Abortion is legalized murder. Abortion clinics are the equivalent of modern-day gas chambers.

Christian, no less, recently called pro-life protests using photos of abortion victims at a high school “bullying.” Likewise, an abortion advocate called a similar pro-life display at a university “hate speech.”

But my friend Leslie often says, “No child killing with tranquility.” And I agree. I’m all for whatever peaceful means are necessary to stop abortion.

To reiterate that last point, I think we must create our social justice disturbances peacefully, as Martin Luther King, Jr., advocated, and void of personal animosity or physical/verbal retaliation.

But we must indeed create disturbances against abortion, the greatest evil of our time, perhaps of all of human history.

But perhaps I’m an extremist. What are your thoughts?

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