Kissimmee Planned Parenthood abortion clinic pro-life protest

Pro-lifers learned by accident this past March what Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando had been trying to keep secret until it was ready to open two months later, that it had purchased a clinic suite in the middle of a large medical complex in Kissimmee, just 20 minutes from Disney World.

Planned Parenthood intended to commit abortions at its new Kissimmee clinic, which it purchased for $1.4 million in 2013, despite the fact that deed restrictions prohibit surgical procedures from being performed without permission from other owners.

Pro-lifers and surrounding business owners quickly took action, planning protests (photo above) and filing a lawsuit.

Yesterday Circuit Court Judge John E. Jordan granted an injunction that blocks Planned Parenthood from committing abortions. This morning pro-life Dr. John Littell, who has been intimately involved with blocking Planned Parenthood in Kissimmee, told me this has the effect of a permanent injunction unless Planned Parenthood appeals. In other words, it is what it is. I love the first line from this article, emphasis mine:

Planned Parenthood’s CEO tried to argue that surgical abortions are not “surgical” procedures because they do not involve incisions.

The judge ruled Planned Parenthood should have tried to remove the deed restriction before buying the property.

“PLANNED purchased the PLANNED property with knowledge of the restrictions and proceeded at its own peril.”

Jenna Tosh, CEO of Planned Parenthood Greater Orlando AbortionPlanned Parenthood of Greater Orlando’s CEO would be Jenna Tosh, pictured right, whose brother-in-law is pro-abortion comedian Daniel Tosh, and who, as an aside, prompted an ongoing lawsuit in Winter Park, Florida, in 2012 when she complained to city officials about a pro-life protest at her home, and they passed an ordinance blocking such protests. Pro-lifers say this was unconstitutional and believe their case has been bolstered by the Supreme Court’s recent buffer zone decision. Abortion always brings chaos and upheaval to a community.

Planned Parenthood Kissimmee had planned to start committing abortions next month. If Planned Parenthood is permanently blocked from committing abortions, its claim that “abortions make up less than 10 percent* of the health services they provide” will be put to the test.

If that’s true, the clinic should have no problem remaining open. So why then did report, “If Planned Parenthood can’t do abortions, they may not be able to stay open”?

One more point: At least one news article erroneously stated the injunction also blocks Planned Parenthood from performing mammograms, something it does not do. It only refers.

*UPDATE 7/24, 8:45a: I have received a copy of the temporary injunction, a great read. In it Jenna Tosh claims abortions at the Kissimmee facility would actually amount to “less than 1% of PLANNED’s services.” To that end, while Planned Parenthood requested a bond of $720,000 in lost revenue should Planned Parenthood ultimately prevail in this case, the judge set the bond at $24,000, since, he said, Planned Parenthood shouldn’t expect that much lost revenue if indeed abortion accounts for less than 1% of its services. Ha!

UPDATE 7/25, 9:45a: And here here is Jenna Tosh’s affidavit, wherein she claims abortion accounts for “less than 1%” of Planned Parenthood’s services within her affiliate.

[Top photo of pro-life protest at Kissimmee Planned Parenthood’s grand opening in May via]

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