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  • At Coming Home, Dr. Gerard Nadal details the perfect storm swirling in Australia (as well as the United States) where empirical evidence on the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link is confronted with an ideology which seeks to suppress the data:
    Melbye, Brinton, and the rest of the NCI coterie deny the validity of their own data (as well as data from all over the globe), data that time and time again substantiate the ABC link. Their sole reason for denying the data in case-control studies (which are retrospective analyses) is the assertion that women who have had induced abortions are more likely to recall them, or report them if they have breast cancer. Dr. Janet Daling who included in one of her studies a test of this putative bias, studied women with cervical cancer and found absolutely no recall bias in her cases or controls. That makes sense because nearly all cervical cancers are caused by human papilloma virus. Janet Daling also publishes with the deniers….

    The issue is the legality of induced abortion and what the frightening specter of breast cancer fifteen or twenty years later might mean. In other words, it’s scientists denying scientific data because of a political agenda.


  • At National Review, Andrew Walker discusses data (left; click to enlarge) emerging from a recent survey which shows that churchgoing Christians who believe same-sex marriage is acceptable also tend to reject other Christian teachings about sex:

    According to [sociologist Mark] Regnerus, churchgoing Christians (who were comparably much fewer in number as a pool of respondents), register much higher support for pornography, cohabitation, casual sex, and higher support than the general population for abortion rights….

    … Regnerus’ study reaffirms that “sexuality isn’t ancillary to Christianity, in the way some other cultural or political issues are. Marriage and sex point, the Bible says, to a picture of the gospel itself, the union of Christ and his church. This is why the Bible spends so much time, as some critics would put it, ‘obsessed’ with sex. That’s why, historically, churches that liberalize on sex tend to liberalize themselves right out of Christianity itself.”…

    It may seem too simple to infer, but the conclusion begs to be written: Liberal sexual beliefs work, in the long run, to make fewer Christians.

  • Big Blue Wave links to the story of a former pro-choicer who took the time to question her position by examining the hard evidence, which led her to a pro-life conversion. One thing she notes is the lack of information on the pro-choice side:
    The biggest thing I noticed, however, was that… [t]he pro-lifers encouraged women to educate themselves….

    On the pro-choice side, it was a totally different story.

    … To my concern and surprise, I could not find one shred of information about fetal development on any websites associated with the pro-choice movement. When I read their literature about the details of abortion procedures, they were full of insulting euphemisms…. I felt like I had been transported back to Victorian England, where women weren’t supposed to be told hard facts, even about their own bodies, because they might get all flustered.


  • Another conversion story comes from an interview posted at the Canadian Centre for Bio Ethical Reform, in which Jonathon Van Maren talks with Donny Pauling (pictured right), “a former pornographic film producer who is currently an anti-porn activist, Christian speaker, and Internet advertiser. His views were shaped by his time in the porn industry, in which he worked for nine years, and led him to view its effect as detrimental to persons involved.”

    With Planned Parenthood in the news for encouraging minors to access pornography, this is timely.

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse links to an article which states that pre-marital sex is not the glue that keeps a relationship stable:

    Pre-marital sex or otherwise does not provide the glue to committed life relationships. It complicates break ups and may trigger many false starts in subsequent relationships.

    Nowadays, the thing that God designed to bring fulfillment and oneness in the confines of marriage has become the source of many relationship wounds, tears and misconceptions.

  • A Culture of Life says a new service, Time Lapse Morphometry Imaging, is allowing scientists to closely examine developing embryos created through IVF in order to determine which ones will have the “best prognosis” for successful implantation in women age 37 and younger. The cost would be an additional $1000 – but what is the real cost of IVF? The loss of dignity of human life:

    While the birth of a baby is always worth rejoicing over, we do have concerns over how these babies have been conceived…. Their siblings, deemed “not good enough” were discarded as nothing more than medical waste. The remaining ‘lucky’ embryos had their lives suspended through cryopreservation for possible use later on.

  • Live Action News says the new movie The Giver is receiving good reviews from pro-lifers:

    In the Washington Post, nationally-syndicated columnist, Michael Gerson notes: “No movie, in my memory, involves a more explicit depiction of infanticide, conducted at the Nurturing Center by Jonas’s father with a horrifying cheerfulness. ‘They hadn’t eliminated murder,’ Jonas realizes, ‘they had brought it home. They had just called it by a different name.’”


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