Grayson Tina Haver pro-abortion signs unwanted

Abortion proponents and news outlets have recently enjoyed publicizing the antics of pro-choice husband and wife “troll” team, Grayson and Tina Haver Currin, who began in March to hold off-putting signs next to those being held by pro-lifers at the A Preferred Women’s Health Center abortion clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The couple’s attempt to make light of murdering babies even made international headlines, like in Denmark

Grayson and Tina Haver Currin pro-abortion counter protest 2

And they’ve spawned other trolls, like in front of the San Francisco Planned Parenthood

pro-abortion counter-protest unwanted San Francisco Planned Parenthood

The only problem is, abortion clinics don’t want them there. These people think they’re cute, but they’re hurting business. Quoting Kelsea McClain, a North Carolina clinic escort, or “deathscort,” as pro-lifers call them, at RH Reality Check:

When clinic patients see a stranger standing in front of their clinic with a poster, they automatically assume, “Oh. That person is here to harass me.” They don’t take the time to read the poster, gather context clues.… So it can appear like a sea of people is there to protest you and your abortion, when in reality it’s a few antis and some awesome supporters.

When we escort, we have on hot pink vests that say “Clinic Escort.” Yet daily we have patients run from us, thinking we are protesters trying to accost them.

More from Britni de la Cretaz of Hollaback! Boston, about a July 25 counter-protest at the Boston Planned Parenthood (photo below, click to enlarge):

[Abortion-minded mothers] just see a hundred people standing at the door.… If one person cancels her appointment because there are too many people standing at the door, are we harming the people we’re trying to help?

Unwanted pro-abortion counter-protest Boston Planned Parenthood

Directly in front of the Planned Parenthood. Blocking it even. Perfect.

Another reason why pro-abortion protests don’t help the cause, according to Katie Klabusich at Truthout on September 2:

Recently, untrained groups have been cropping up to “counter-protest” without permission – sometimes even after requests from the clinics that they not do so. Boston’s clinics in particular [see above] have had to deal with unwanted pro-choice activists on the sidewalks attempting to be supportive by bringing signs and yelling.

The intentions of these rogue groups and individuals like Grayson and Tina Haver Currin – who have been photographing themselves with irreverent signs mocking picketers in North Carolina – may be good, but their presence can escalate an already tense situation.

“This can create confusion or more chaos if the counter protesters are not all peaceful,” said Benita U., a clinic escort organizer in Illinois.

In other words, abortion proponents know their own kind and admit they can become hostile, violent even. Which we already knew, and which makes perfect sense since they promote killing babies.

But one positive result of their creating mayhem is again, fewer abortions. Police cars, flashing sirens, and officers milling about don’t exactly make for a good welcoming committee.

I never expected these counter-protests to last. Once the adulation dies down, they’ll skulk away. And abortion supporters aren’t like mailmen anyway. They’re more like the Wicked Witch of the West - they melt at the sight of water in the form of rain or snow.

But as long as it’s sunny and warm and they’re out there, pro-lifers can rest assured they’re helping  stop abortions.

[Top three photos via Saturday Chores; bottom photo via Boston Feminists for Liberation on Facebook]

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