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Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic site

I wrote on August 22 that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast was having trouble getting workers to help build its new 8,000 sq. ft. abortion clinic in New Orleans (photo above).

This is thanks to the diligence of pro-lifers, aided in no small part by Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans, who in January published a letter in the Clarion Herald promising to blacklist any person or business that “participates in actions that are essential to making this abortion facility a reality.”

Now, after 15 months of trying to line up contractors, a desperate Planned Parenthood has finally turned to “women, minority, and disadvantage [sic] businesses” for aid, yesterday holding a job fair to try to woo them….

Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic job fair minority businesses

Bear in mind the population of New Orleans is 67% minority and that the abortion industry targets minorities for abortion. Nationwide, 79% of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are located near minority communities, including this one. While Blacks and Hispanics comprise only 13.2% and 17.1% of the population respectively, according to the Census Bureau, they get 35.7% and 21% of all abortions respectively, according to the CDC.

So Planned Parenthood asking minorities to help build abortion clinics is akin to having Jews build gas chambers.

Interesting that in its report on the job fair, helped spotlight Planned Parenthood’s penchant for “ethnic cleansing,” as it aptly described it.

Planned Parenthood services drop for all except abortionAll other services Planned Parenthood touted are already provided in New Orleans, and at any rate Planned Parenthood performs fewer services every year of all other than abortion, which it continually commits more of.

An inside source tells me that while 500 businesses were invited to Planned Parenthood’s abortion job fair, only 30-40 people showed up.

Also on hand was a diverse group of 30 pro-lifers helping educate attendees on what they were getting into, because Planned Parenthood clearly hid the fact that any minority businesses signing on to help construct its clinic would be helping lead to the slaughter of their own babies, the grotesque “and more” in its flyer.

Greeting prospective abortion collaborators was news of Planned Parenthood’s “and more” plans, a huge sign on the median facing the meeting place…

Sign educating public that Planned Parenthood New Orleans commits abortion

Planned Parenthood’s hired pitchman was local businessman Terrence Rice, pictured below carrying a box while little children tried to hand him pro-life flyers…

Terrence Rice, pitchman for Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic

Also on hand was Planned Parenthood New Orleans’ general contractor Larry McNeely, who illegally tried to hide the name of his company, Barre McNeely Investments, LLC, from curious pro-life eyes by calling it “BMI, LLC” on state contracting documents. McNeely is the man below to the right of a Planned Parenthood employee…

Larry McNeely, general contractor for Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinicåç

Here are more faces who attended the Planned Parenthood strategy meeting to kill babies. If you are local and recognize any of these people, please implore them not to take Planned Parenthood’s blood money….

Prospective collaborators to help Planned Parenthood New Orleans build an abortion clinic

As a sidebar, one passerby who wasn’t attending Planned Parenthood’s meeting was convicted by pro-life signs showing images of abortion victims and said he was going to go home and tell his pregnant daughter not to get the abortion she was planning!

Sign showing victim of abortion at protest of Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic

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