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  • Down on the Pharm reminds us that the old “hCG in the tetanus vaccine” scandal happening in Kenya right now is nothing new:

    It has all the markers of previous suspected lacings of tetanus vaccines, given to pregnant women in Mexico in 1993, and the Philippines in 1994. In the latter case, HCG was actually found in vaccine samples, and antibodies to HCG were demonstrated in women who had received the vaccine. The antibodies to HCG bind to the natural hormone found in a woman’s body when she gets pregnant, and inhibit further support of the pregnancy. A miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) ensues.

    The Catholic Bishops of Kenya, getting no cooperation from the government, obtained six samples of tetanus vaccine and had them tested at labs in Kenya and in South Africa. All six of them showed the presence of HCG. The Kenyan government persisted in denying that there could be any HCG in tetanus vaccines provided under the auspices of the World Health Organization and UNICEF.


  • Live Action News shares the story of a father who not only said goodbye to his wife Ashley, who died after an emergency c-section, but to their premature son, Lennon, four days later. Chris Picco exemplifies the belief that his son was precious before his birth, and that this is only “goodbye for now.” May God comfort Chris as he honors the memory of his beautiful family.
  • Abstinence Clearinghouse links to Janice Shaw Crouse’s article in American Thinker which points out “that through their votes, unmarried women voters made a statement that they are more concerned about creating and keeping jobs, rather than free birth control, food stamps, etc. These results came as a surprise to many who stated that these free items are what women truly want and need.”
  • Fletcher Armstrong shares four lessons learned from the voters’ response to various pro-life laws, including Tennessee’s Amendment 1.
  • Clinic Quotes has a statement from ultrasound technician Shari Richard who claims simply showing a sonogram picture has pro-aborts terrified:

    For 10 years I have been an ultrasonographer and have witnessed the development of pre-born children. I am convinced that if every mother could see her baby on ultrasound, the abortion argument would be over. A look through the window reveals the true victim of abortion. This is why our presentations are often censored….

    In 1990, I testified on fetal development before the House and Senate subcommittee considering the “Freedom of Choice Act.” I brought an ultrasound videotape of fully formed fetuses as young as eight weeks after conception. Representative Don Edwards (D – CA) tried to prevent me from showing the videotape.


  • In the same vein, Maaike Rosendal at the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform writes about a fantastic backfire that occurred when pro-choice protestors tried to silence a public, on-campus pro-life speaking event at McMaster University. It ended with several pro-choicers questioning why their own side refused to even listen to pro-life arguments:

    As soon as the club president welcomed everyone, she was interrupted by excessive applause and yelling. When she asked the audience to be courteous, protesters began delivering speeches on the reproduction of various animals while cheered on by others. For the next hour, they made it impossible for the presentation to take place with the aid of an air horn, bull horn, and silly string while singing, whistling, throwing paper balls, and mockingly reading from the Bible.

    A few open-minded students begged the protesters to stop. “I’m pro-choice too but I’m very disappointed in your behaviour,” a female student exclaimed. “I’m really interested in hearing their side,” another young woman said. The protesters clearly weren’t. “What are they afraid of?” someone asked aptly. “Why are they stopping us from seeing what abortion looks like?”…

    When the solution to difficult life circumstances is not solving problems but killing pre-born people, forcibly silencing born people you find problematic isn’t that much different. Thursday night’s protesters illustrated their point powerfully: pro-choice for some means no choice for others.

    I wasn’t the only one who noticed this, and the contrast between the two sides was crystal clear…. When the protesters verbally harassed pro-choice girls who asked them to be quiet, accusing them of being “rats” and “traitors” to the extent that one left in tears, campus pro-life students were compassionate, caring, and exchanged contact information to make sure she was okay….

    Not only did pro-choicers thank the team for being “humble, loving, and professional,” one attendee wrote: “Your arguments were very scientifically accurate and irrefutable.” Someone else messaged later, “As someone who was on the fence… I am finding myself more and more fully against abortion in ANY case. Thank you for coming to our school and being so great!”

  • Watch video of the disruption:


[Photos via Live Action and CCBR]

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