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Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, others wear abortion – in neon lights.

Michele Pred pro-choice purse front and back abortionPro-abortion San Francisco artist Michele Pred has unveiled the latest in abortion couture, the abortion purse. Quoting

At a new show opening tomorrow, a “Pro Choice” accessory, made from a vintage hat case [above], displays the writing in neon lights.

Pred has also made a series of purses [right] - vintage style pocketbooks with big honking clasps and wrist straps from the days of the diaphragm. These powerful purses showcase words like “Choice” or a heart, spelled out in beautiful ElectroLuminescent wire….

It’s like a retro-fashion tech version of a bumper sticker. More chic than a pin-on button. Pred says in an email, “the purses are referring to women’s economic power! AND (they’re) a mobile (and fashionable) way of expressing ones views.”

The wire resembles neon lights, and you can make make them blink on and off - which the artist says is her favorite.

I realize red is meant to symbolize power. But it is, of course, also the color of blood, ironic.

And I realize the purse is likewise meant to symbolize power, as in “power of the purse. ” But it also symbolizes money, as in “purse strings,” the huge windfall profits the abortion industry makes from chopping up little helpless babies.

They’ll claim no one wants to profit from abortion, oh no. Nevertheless, Pred’s “limited edition” abortion purses will fetch $300 each. Just sayin’.

As Saynsumthn’s Blog points out, Pred has been making a living off of contraceptive pill and abortion art for awhile. In 2012, Pred tried to partner with Planned Parenthood:

Michele Pred tweets to Cecile Richards Planned Parenthood

I somehow can’t imagine Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards wearing one of these purses, but she could prove me wrong.

Pro-life bias aside, I do think Pred ruined those beautiful retro purses with puncture marks and coated wire lettering, no matter what cause she might have chosen to promote.

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