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  • It’s interesting to hear abortion clinic escorts (who often seem to be proud of how they react to clinic protesters) admit to being so incredibly mean-spirited.
  • Here’s an article to make you incredibly wary of stem cell tourism:
  • A General Medical Council hearing was earlier told 9 men and women, the majority of whom were suffering from the ”progressive and aggressive” form of the disabling neurological disease, consulted Dutch-trained Dr. Robert Trossel in the desperate hope they could achieve a marked improvement in their health….

    The sufferers who travelled to his clinic in Rotterdam raised thousands of pounds to fund the therapy but there was ”no evidence” that the substance injected into them by Dr. Trossel contained stem cells or that it was fit for human use, the GMC earlier heard.


  • Authorities in IA have decided against charging a pregnant woman with attempted feticide after she fell down the stairs. Christine Taylor (pictured left with 2 born daughters), who is in her 3rd trimester, said she didn’t try to intentionally kill the child but almost blacked out and then tripped down the stairs:
  • According to a police report, nurse Tiffany Prickett said Taylor told her in the emergency room she did not want the baby. “She had asked Christine if she just didn’t want the kid tonight, and Christine told her that she hadn’t wanted the baby all along,” the report said.
    Later, the nurse brought in a doctor who asked several other questions about whether she intended to end her pregnancy.
    Taylor acknowledges she was very emotional at the hospital.
    “I never said I didn’t want my baby, but I admitted that I had been considering adoption or abortion,” she said. “I admit that I said I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue the pregnancy. My husband sends me money, but money doesn’t make a parent. I don’t have anybody else to turn to.”….
    Taylor said if she really had wanted to end her pregnancy, she knows she could have gone to Planned Parenthood to do so.
    “I believe in a woman’s right to choose, but for me personally, I just have thought I couldn’t sleep at night if I did,” she said.

    [Photo via the DesMoinesRegister.com]

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