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  • A FL abortionist named Matthew Kachinas has lost his license after he was attempting to abort a twin with Down Syndrome and killed the other twin:
  • Kachinas had blamed faulty ultrasound equipment for the 2006 mistake. He was targeting a fetus with Down syndrome and signs of a heart defect.
    The 50-year-old doctor had never performed the procedure before, but said he didn’t like to tell patients “no.”…

    More information from another Miami Herald article:

    Kachinas, who practiced in Sarasota, was one of the few OB-GYNs in FL who accepted abortion patients in late 2nd trimester, records show. The “selective reduction” in the twin pregnancy was not considered a late-term procedure.
    The parents of the twins, who had achieved the pregnancy through IVF with an egg donor, were not identified and were not at the hearing. Records show that after the normal fetus was inadvertently killed, they ended the pregnancy altogether the following week.

    Why am I not surprised?

  • The AUL blog provides some background information on possible Supreme Court picks. Diane Wood seems like an especially hardened abortion advocate.
  • The University of Calgary has again accused some of their students of trespassing after they wouldn’t turn their Genocide Awareness Project display inward.
  • What?! An Abortioneer (language warning) admits that abstinence education isn’t the only reason for why some women fail to use contraceptives. Sometimes even people who work in the abortion industry and counsel women about contraceptives simply forget to use them:
  • This weekend I had a crazy, stupid, irresponsible experience: unprotected sex. The first of my life. I’ve been with my partner for ages, but we hadn’t had sex in quite a while, and — it seems crazy but — somehow this time protection just slipped my mind.

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