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Monday, May 31 – Memorial Day, this year – will mark the 1 year anniversary of abortionist George Tiller’s murder.
george tiller closeup.jpgPro-aborts have been paying tributes and are planning memorials.
Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has read or will read a Tiller tribute statement on the Senate floor today.
For a donation of $75 the TX Equal Access Fund “will deliver a handmade card, flowers, and a basket of goodies” to your favorite abortion mill on May 31….

The George Tiller Abortion Fund has been established to subsidize late-term abortions.
At the Abortioneers blog Silky Laminaria recalled where s/he was the moment s/he learned Tiller had been killed, closing with a Tiller quote.
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I’m sorry, and meaning no disrespect for the dead, but what exactly is that supposed to mean? The quote only reminds me of Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.
NARAL has made a tribute video…

Again, I mean no disrespect for the dead, but a photo of a late-term abortionist dressed as Santa is creepy. And all I can think of when viewing the photos of Tiller and his wife “travel[ing] the world” is that those lovely vacations were paid for by chopping up babies. And this quote from the video is wishful thinking but wrong…
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I’m sorry that George Tiller was murdered. Vigilantism is wrong, and in this case it removed the opportunity for Tiller to repent.
But Tiller will not be remembered for anything good.
Tiller will be remembered for drawing and quartering live preborn babies, or delivering them breech up to the head and suctioning their brains before collapsing their skulls and completing their removal from the birth canal dead.
tiller crematorium.jpgTiller will be remembered for building his own crematorium that emanated the stench of burning babies and showered their ashes on pro-life protesters.
Tiller will be remembered for committing illegal underage and viable abortions, only beating the rap with the help of political friends like Kathleen Sebelius.
tiller father and baby.jpgTiller will be remembered for ironically holding memorial services for preborn babies he had just killed, complete with parental photo ops.
Were Tiller an honorable man, assassinated for bravely standing up for the rights of the oppressed, such as Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, Jr., he might someday have earned his own holiday.
But 11 months ago the U.S. Senate wouldn’t even pass a resolution honoring Tiller.
That’s because no amount of pro-abort emotionalism or white washing will cover up the fact that George Tiller was a baby killer.
[Top photo via The New York Times]

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