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  • A pregnant FL woman was allegedly attacked by the father of her child because he wanted her to have an abortion:

… [S]he was ordered to lie down on her back early Wednesday before getting punched and kicked in the stomach in her… apartment.

Her attacker, who knew the child was his, told her to get an abortion “or I’ll make you lose it,” according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Police said the man came home at 12:20 a.m. and grabbed the woman by the hair, dragging her out of bed onto the floor. He told her she had one week to get an abortion or he would make her lose the child. Then he forced her on her back and told her to “let me kick your stomach or I will kick you in your face,” according to the arrest report.

  • After more than 70 days of searching, CA authorities have found the body of 17-year-old Anyssia Katherine Escamilla (pictured immediate left) in a landfill. She was killed by her boyfriend Jesus Avitia (pictured far left), who apparently wanted her to have an abortion:
  • Avitia admitted to wrapping the Bloomington High School girl’s body in garbage bags and putting her in a trash can outside a home… a week before detectives interviewed him.

    Hare said Avitia wanted his girlfriend to get an abortion because he felt having a child would jeopardize his goal of becoming a nurse. They suspect he killed her because she refused to abort the child.

  • Wesley Smith compares assisted suicide advocates who engage in moral outlawry with the “professional” assisted suicide advocates:
  • As outrageous as the FEN, Kevorkian, and Nitschke are, they do not pose the primary threat. In the last 10 years, a new class of advocates has emerged pursuing a “professional” approach to assisted suicide promotion. Epitomized by the euphemistically named Compassion and Choices and funded in the millions annually by the likes of George Soros, well off and well tailored elites promote a so-called “medical model” for legalized “aid in dying” in meetings with medical and legal associations, in articles published in professional journals, and ubiquitously to the media.

    To assuage fears of abuse, unlike the moral outlaws, assisted suicide professionals assure a wary public that doctor facilitated suicide will be restricted to the terminally ill for whom nothing else can be done to alleviate suffering – a false premise designed to play into people’s worst fears about the dying process.

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