Read backstories: Part I and Part II.

On October 28, YouTube notified Personhood USA that its (2 identical) videos spotlighting the ignorance of a Planned Parenthood student group during an October 20 debate about Colorado’s Amendment 62 violated the students’ privacy rights. YouTube gave Personhood USA 48 hours to remove the videos.

Personhood USA responded that the debate was public and all involved had given permission to be recorded.

Personhood USA notified me tonight their videos are still live, and it has not heard back from YouTube, so “our argument might have carried the day with YouTube, or they may not have gotten to review the video.”

Commenters have noted that the 9:48 video I posted the other night from the debate was subsequently made private. They wondered whether YouTube censored it. No.  The person who uploaded it has uploaded a shorter version showing just his portion of the debate:

Meanwhile, Personhood USA issued an interesting challenge to Planned Parenthood today:

We are willing to remove the video from YouTube, shocking as it is, if Planned Parenthood will publicly state that the No on 62 side of the debate was wrong, that a baby in the womb has a heartbeat days after conception, and that abortions performed at PP stop that beating heart and kill a living, growing, developing human being. If PP publicly makes these statements, which are well-known facts, we will take the YouTube video down immediately.

That’ll be the day.

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