Those who traffic this blog regularly know I support pro-life protests that educate the public about abortion by displaying graphic images of aborted babies.

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust also believes in this approach, but on October 30 at San Francisco’s Pier 39 the group took a different tack.

For 4 hours – in the rain – 20 of our youthful activists displayed huge, beautiful posters of miraculous preborn development and distributed so much literature they ran out… an uplifting change of pace.

Reported Maddie Lopez in a blog post:

Even though we didn’t hold graphic signs, our cause still got attention, especially with my friends holding a sign that read “Giants Fans for Life” (a personal favorite of mine!)….

[W]e still passed out so much literature that we had to scrounge for extras in the back of one of our cars.

My cousin helped a man get more resources because he needed deeper reasons as to why he should be pro-life. A homeless man received the literature and opened it up wide and laid it out so others could see. A few other men gave thumbs up and smiles to our cause. Women with beautifully pregnant bellies walked by, assuring us they were keeping their babies….

I was drenched to the core, but it didn’t really matter. I could have been at basketball practice, but instead I was… doing something life-changing – and one of the people to whom I passed out literature was one of my coaches!…

I guess it doesn’t really matter where you do activism, because some people still thought that because we didn’t support the killing of innocent children we must have been brainwashed or something, and the police there still tried to get us to leave….

I encourage everyone to get involved, but especially teenagers like myself. I used to think that I couldn’t make a difference, but once I learned all the facts, and saw people my age joining in on the activism, I couldn’t stay silent. I saw what seemed to be impossible totally change right before my eyes. I am thankful for the event that happened on Saturday, because it provided an opportunity for me to put my beliefs into action.

See more photos on the Survivors’ Facebook page.

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